I’m the author of ‘In the Pit Lane – F1 Exposed’ and ‘Cash is King – Inside F1’s Money Maze’.

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Press and Media Interviews

I am available to members of the media for interviews and quotes/comments for use in articles, blogs, podcasts or broadcast pieces.

I am also available to participate in “an evening with” type of events.

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Podcast Panelist

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With a staggering 800+ episodes in the tank, F1 Weekly is quite rightly known around the world as the premier motorsport podcast.

“Garry Sloan  joined the F1Weekly.com staff running and hasn’t looked back! His knowledge of Formula one’s inner workings and back room dealings is extensive and his ability to do the necessary research and put all this information into words is outstanding!… Garry’s contribution to F1Weekly is loved by the listeners.”

Clark Rodgers, Founder / Editor, F1Weekly.com


In the Pit Lane Column

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“Garry Sloan adds value to our website with his column that stirs up emotions and passion from our readers who tend to be high-end Formula 1 fans. His angles and contacts are unique, his reports essential reading for true aficionados of our sport. I never miss one.”

Paul Velasco, Editor-in-Chief, grandprix247.com

“In the Pit Lane is one of the most comprehensive Formula 1 columns available. It’s immaculately written by Garry Sloan and covers fascinating topics that aren’t given the coverage they deserve by the wider media.”

George Howson, Editor, sportlightpro.com

“Garry Sloan’s contribution to F1 Chronicle through his ‘In The Pitlane’ column has become one of the top assets on our site, with our readers eagerly looking forward to his contribution. Garry’s articles are always on time, precise, and thought provoking, which is refreshing in an age of click-bait journalism. Garry’s articles are so well received, we invited him to become a panelist on Grid Talk podcast to bring his opinions and insights to an even bigger audience.”

Jarrod Partridge, Editor, f1chronicle.com

Garry Sloan exposes the amazing money hungry world of Formula 1. He has a great eye for detail and shows never seen insights on F1 related people & businesses.

Leopold Pleijsier, Editor, F1Fansite.com



Author of the F1 Billionaires Rich List


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For more than 10 years, the Paddock Magazine has served as the authoritative business voice in the motorsports industry.


As a contributor for the Paddock magazine, Garry writes professional, profound, and always surprising articles that capture the readers’ attention. His take on the pinnacle of motorsports deserves both critical acclaim and binge reading, if you will, resulting in many unconventional insights and interesting points.

Kipras Sumskas, Editorial Director, Paddock Magazine